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Best of the web for Design and Web Development April 2024

  • April 29th, 2024
  • News

April was an exciting month filled with impressive Photoshop tutorials and insightful web design and development articles. The tutorials offered a diverse range, from “How to Create a Post-Apocalyptic Logo Text Effect” to “How to Make Fire Effects in Photoshop”. The latter half of the post contains several notable articles well worth a read, including an introduction to CSS Grid and DevTools Tips & Tricks.

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Design tutorials

How to Create a Post-Apocalyptic Logo Text Effect

In the following tutorial, you will learn how to create a post-apocalyptic text effect using display sans serif fonts, some textures, and a photo.

How to Swap Faces in Photoshop Seamlessly

In this tutorial, you will learn how to swap faces in Photoshop seamlessly and within just a few simple steps.

How to Make Fire Effects in Photoshop (Flames, Smoke, Embers, and More)

In today’s tutorial, you will be covering five different fire effects in Photoshop. From how to add a smoke effect in Photoshop to how to make a flame in Photoshop, we’ll be covering it all. I’ll also show you my absolute favorite effect to pair with fire: how to make a charred or burnt surface. 

Creating a glass text effect using Photoshop

Learn how to create a stunning glass text effect in Photoshop with this quick tutorial. The tutorial is in from of a video screencast, which you can follow step by step.

Web and Design articles

An intro to CSS Grid

Learn the basics of CSS Grid.

DevTools Tips & Tricks

Front-end developers spend a significant amount of time working inside the browser’s DevTools. Likely just as much as they spend time writing code in the code editor. However, most developers barely scratch the surface of what DevTools can accomplish. I have been curating a collection of DevTools tips across major browsers. The following are some of the useful tips & tricks for across different browsers that will help you unlock the full potential of DevTools.

You Might Consider Using an Image Sitemap

Depending on the site, image sitemaps can be a helpful tool in an SEO strategy, making it ultra-clear to search engines the images they can and should index. Let’s explore setting one up.

What’s New in WordPress 6.5: Font Library, Interactivity API, and More!

Say hello to WordPress’s newest version, WordPress 6.5 “Regina,” named after the dynamic versatility of the renowned violinist Regina Carter. Widely popular for her deep understanding of jazz and unmatched violin skills, Regina inspired WordPress 6.5, which is built with a deep focus on the details of web-building with Gutenberg in WordPress.

First Contentful Paint explained: how to improve your time

Struggling with First Contentful Paint (FCP) times on your site?

WordPress Vs. Squarespace – Which Platform is Better for Your Next Website?

WordPress and Squarespace are popular CMSs, but they cater to different business needs. Squarespace is ideal for beginners and offers user-friendly drag-and-drop features, while WordPress offers flexibility and complete control of your web design. Let’s explore the key difference between these two platforms to make the most of your website. In this detailed comparison, we’ll explore WordPress vs. Squarespace and review which platform is better for your next website.

How To Work With GraphQL In WordPress In 2024

What options do we have for integrating GraphQL with WordPress in 2024? Leonardo Losoviz describes what developments have taken place in this space during the last three years.

WordPress Maintenance: Tasks & Best Practices

If you’re managing a WordPress site, it’s crucial to ensure it runs smoothly and securely. Many site owners worry that WordPress maintenance is a complex chore that requires a ton of technical expertise, but that’s not entirely true. This guide is here to show you the steps you can take on your own to help maintain your WordPress site and keep it running at its best.

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