Creative Nerd

I like demanding tasks and big challenges.

Hello, I am a Graphic and UI/UX Designer based in Chandigarh the city beautiful. I specialize in Web/UI Design, Graphic Design, Branding and Illustration. I like demanding tasks and big challenges so I can fall and rise. My hard-working soul and precise eye keeps me in perfect shape. I also enjoy experimenting with motion graphics.

Since I have found the advantages of the quality over quantity principle, it is the base rule I am trying to follow. I prefer building partnerships instead of just pure designs. Leading a whole project is joy and solving complex solutions is my playground.

I started my career as designer 7 years ago in a small web design agency. After 4 years I moved to large IT firm and take a role of creative web & UX designer. I was honoured to work on the biggest media and social projects. Today I participate on international projects as freelancer as well and cooperate with other creative individuals around the world.

I believe every single detail matters. My goal is to perfect the end-user experience ONE pixel at a time, and provide solutions for clients through thoughtful ideas that translate into long lasting designs.

#instagram photographyAs well being a designer, I like to take photographs and share them on Instagram.